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Budget Plan

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The Budget Plan provides a convenient way to pay your gas bill every month. It's also a great payment option for customers who like to plan ahead.

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How it Works
We calculate your monthly payment by estimating your gas use and gas prices for the next 12 months. We also take into account your current account balance. This total is then divided by 12 to arrive at your monthly Budget Plan payment.

During the summer months, your Budget Plan payment will typically be higher than your actual bill.  Paying this higher amount allows you to build up a credit balance, which is then used to offset higher winter bills. Any time you have a credit balance, you will receive interest or earned credit based on the average rate of 13-week U.S. Treasury bills. 

On the other hand, there may be months when the amount billed to your account is higher than the payments you've made. In those instances, the same finance charge, based on the average rate of 13-week U.S. Treasury bills, will be applied to your account. You can avoid these finance charges by paying the full amount of your bill.

Reevaluating Your Budget Plan Payment
From time to time we will reevaluate your Budget Plan payment. We do this to determine if your payment amount is in line with your actual usage and future gas costs. If an adjustment is needed (either up or down), it is automatically made and will appear on your next bill statement. At the time of reevaluation, any debit or credit will be taken into account when we calculate your new monthly Budget Plan payment.