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How to Read Your Meter

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Every month, you use a certain amount of natural gas. Your meter measures the amount of gas flowing through it and records this flow in the numbers on its dials. The dials tell us how much gas you've used.

Most residential meters have six dials on the front panel. However, only the four dials numbered 0 through 9 are used for meter readings. By following the instructions below, you can read your own meter. And once you get your readings, you can even enter your own findings online by logging into My Account.

To take a reading, remember these guidelines:

  1. Read the numbers for each dial going from right to left.
  2. Always read the numbers in the direction the arrow on the dial is pointing.
  3. If the pointer is between two numbers, always select the smaller number, unless the pointer is between 0 and 9, then select 9.
  4. If a pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to its immediate right. If its pointer has not passed zero, record the lower number.
  5. To enter your meter reading, visit My Account.

Practice with a sample meter

Download a Dial Card
To help you record your own meter reading, download this dial card (PDF). Then take it with you to your meter and write down the numbers on your dials according to the instructions.