Natural Gas Leaks, Odors or Emergencies

Current Gas Cost

Gas Supply Charge

Mar 2015 35 cents/therm
Feb 2015 35 cents/therm
Mar 2014 68 cents/therm

Every month, we file a gas supply charge with the Illinois Commerce Commission. It is the price customers pay for gas purchased from Nicor Gas. As a regulated utility, Nicor Gas does not profit from the sale of natural gas. The price we pay for gas is passed on to our customers without markup.

  • A number of Riders on file with the I.C.C. are updated monthly, including Rider 6 - the Gas Supply Cost (GSC).  Included in these Riders is the Rider 6 History which provides historical gas cost information.
  • Through Customer Select, you can choose your natural gas supplier.
  • Compare the cost of natural gas with the cost of electricity and other fuels.
  • Learn about factors that impact gas costs.